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May 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
mexican. >> the flour tore till la alone is 300 calories. he opts with brown rice, fresh salsa, low carb option, steak salad, green salsa, no cheese or avocado. >> 225 calories, 460 calories. it's good quality food. it's fantastic. >> susan reporting there. before you order any fast foods, pick up the nutrition guide to break down the calories, fat and sodium. by law, they're supposed to post those numbers for you, the customer. >>> pretty quiet on maryland's radar tonight. partly cloudy over baltimore. clouds have thickened to the west. wind is calm, humidity high. after a warm day around here, compared to the last several, the warm up started the day on time with first day of may on the kal car. you can see the mix of clouds and sunshine. that was our story just about everywhere. nice finish to the day. live shot tonight, not much happening there. ocean city, look at the finish to the city. not many on the beach. 82 today. that was nice stuff beach side. watching action here on the radar scope out to the west primarily. edging toward garrett could be county, large complex of showe
May 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
take. >> chuck brown has died at the age of 75. it's a blend of funk, jazz and soul and brown developed it in washington dc in the 70's. he died today at the hospital, from organ failure. one of his big hilt hits was busting loose. funeral arrangements haven't been made yet. >> playing with a stock market, that's another thing. the. >> the ride up and down. where to invest, it's a lot to much for many of us to consider. a group of women have created a club and they call investing a hobby. >> they invited us in on their secrets. ♪ [ music ] >> i'm co president. i'm a real estate developer. >> pay to be a great one. started in baltimore i think. >> i didn't. >> marylander. >> reporter: lib stick on cups but no line, just serious women who have done their homework and are back for a monthly meeting on investments. >> i'm the cfo of a company. i have two small businesses, a design firm and a retail store. >> i own a gift boutique. >> reporter: different backgrounds but one common interest, not letting those unfamiliar terms. >> .55. >> reporter: get in the way of where to put th
May 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
information. sad news, the music industry had sad news. >> we lost chuck brown, donna summer, and rob gibbs died. he and his brothers gave us hits like staying alive. on the first performances here was at the old mill, and during the hey day at the cap center. robin gibb, died at 62. >>> it was nothing to complain about with the weather, except what's to come. let's check in with mike. >> we're going to trade out the brew sky with the clouds, and we have the showers on the radar. a beautiful shot, look at 11:00, we are sitting pretty at 70, the clouds in place, and here comes the showers. take a look at the radar, we have a couple of showers over the chesapeake, some heavy weather northwest of ocean city. street level, we'll show you this hour moving through northern baltimore city, middle river, kingsville, cross over 95, and it will be in parts of the region, aberdeen will see a couple showers and the atmosphere is very loaded with moisture, and that's going to produce or support the chance for showers. this holds together, i think this will be a problem for tomorrow's commute. keep an ey
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3